polyester based laminate
  • January 22, 2022

With increasing environmental problems, plastic packaging is considered to be the bad character of today’s society. To restrain usage of plastic many FMCG manufactures are adopting Flexible Packing Material and their popularity is surging continuously.

What is Flexible Packaging Material?

As per the Flexible packaging association, flexible packaging is a package or any part of the package that can easily change its shape. It is a non-rigid structure utilizes to protect products.

If you are a dealer, manufacture or anyone connected to FMCG industry you must have definitely heard of flexible packaging materials. Flexibility is an essential quality any entrepreneur looks when dealing with packaging products.

From guaranteeing the safety of food product, ease of transportation, increasing the shelf life of a product, barrier protection and the ability to mould itself to deliver highly customizable packaging the benefits of using flexible packaging are many. The FMCG & packaging industry is constantly advancing its dependability on flexible packaging material.

Advantages of Flexible Packaging Material

The different benefits of flexible packaging are making it popular in the packaging industry. Ease of transportation, customizable designs, expanding the shelf is some of the few benefits provided by flexible films.

#1: Flexible Packaging Is Versatile

Flexible packaging is extremely flexible and it helps the product be obvious when placed on a market shelf. Packaging can be tailored to the needs of the product and not the other way around.

#2: Flexible Packaging Is Durable Than Traditional Packaging

Flexible packaging is stronger than the traditional packaging solution with advanced protection against force and pressure. This feature reduces the risk of products getting damaged during transportation.

#3: High Scope for Customizable Products

Flexible packaging design gives us the ability to make customizable products as per the needs of the client. This helps brands to gain a border over their contestants by leveraging creativity to attract customer as well as increase sales.

#4: Reduced Production Cost

Compared to traditional packaging such as glass and plastic, flexible packaging takes less energy and raw material to produce. This is a great deal for FMCG manufacturers because they get more volume of packaging with the same economic input.

#5: Environment Friendly

Perhaps the biggest advantage of flexible packaging is that they are highly recyclable & reusable. This capability is making packaging dealers & manufactures accept flexible packaging films so extensively. Everyone wants to be a part of something superior good and flexible packaging providers a superb opportunity to do so.

Ayush Flexi Pack, our organization has gained the leading position by manufacturing and supplying the best range of Flexible Packaging Material.

We also presents to our customers Paper Foil Product, which protects and preserves the product and increases its shelf life. These are available in multi colored finishes and are used to pack products such as food, consumer products and others.

To summary, Ayush Flexi Pack helps create customer value, by using high quality innovative packaging solutions which are perfect for their needs.


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