polyester based laminate
  • August 22, 2022

Flexible packaging products are lightweight bags sealed with heat or pressure. While the name speaks, flexible packs offer customising choices. Therefore, one can change it with complete ease as per the requirement. In addition, flexible packaging products are manufactured on a low-priced budget however offer supreme protection from uncertain stress, compression & perforation.

There are generally two types of flexible packaging products that are best for any industry. They are as follows:

#1: Flexible Packaging Material / Lamination Film

Flexible films are widely used in almost every industry, its flexibility as well as durability while the packaging is what makes them the number one choice for various industry owners and their respective consumers too. These laminated films are customisation because of which one can create solutions as per the different product requirements ranging from food & drinks to oil & lubes to pharma & medial etc. lamination films fascinating advantages as one of the most excellent flexible packaging products are what make it stand out from the competition. Some of its advantages are:

  1. Environment Friendly
  2. Minimise Production Cost
  3. Minimise Transportation Cost
  4. Promotes Re-usability

Additional, there are many types of Flexible Packaging Material, one can select for specific purposes –

  • Shrink film – Used in beverage industries
  • Stretch cling film – Used for commercial purposes
  • Multiplayer cross-laminated film – Used for various purposes especially strong
  • Oil film – Use in packaging liquid products
  • Bio-degradable film – Use in the food industry

#2: Packaging Pouches/Lamination Pouches

Flexible pouches are mostly single-use bags manufactured using high-quality plastic such as LDPE, LLDPE + PET, or LDPE + MAT PET + PET. Numerous pouches are even manufactured in a way that it can be used several times. Flexible pouches are in demand over the past few years because they re-sealable, adaptable, and much cheaper than their alternatives like metal, cardboard, etc. these pouches are usually found on hypermarket shelves and used for packaging anything from foods to industrial liquids. Moreover, the most superficial fact of lamination pouch is that the carbon footprint generated in much lower than the alternative flexible packaging materials.

Here are a few types of flexible packaging pouches –

  1. Vacuum pouch
  2. Nitrogen flush pouch
  3. Stand up/zip lock pouch
  4. Transparent pouch
  5. Liquid pouch

There are several types of Flexible Packaging Material and pouches available. Therefore, while option packaging solution for your business do corroborate whether it is right for you not? Furthermore, our professionals are always ready to help you out with any related concerns regarding the selection of suitable packaging.

Ayush Flexi Pack can assist you with evaluating your packaging to identify the right flexible packaging to meet your production, transportation as well as sales goals. We, Ayush Flexi Pack one of the well-known manufactures for Liner For Composite Container is it protects your products from damage during transportation. For your bulk product shipment, container liners are an excellent packaging solution for shipping.

Our experienced quality team makes sure containers liners are manufactures with firm measures of quality control by following international standards. As per customers’ needs, we manufacture container liners in different sizes, designs, structures, materials, seals, etc.

Contact us now and meet your packaging requirements!


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