• February 1, 2022

Medical device packaging is a vital part of delivering the device to market safely as well as securely, with the sterile barrier intact. Bad packaging can cause safety issues to the medical device and its consumers. If a package holds a sterile medical device, it has to arrive in the hospitals and clinics without any holes, broken seals, it additionally has to survive or stand on a shelf for years without breaking.

Swab Packing and Medical Product Packaging is regulated globally. The type of rules which will be applicable to it will depend upon the type of packaging that is if the packaging is sterile or other for a manual non-active device, or for an active device. Mainly is it is necessary to make sure that the packaging is able to perform what it is designed to do, and this is the responsibility of the legal manufacturer even though he can recruit contract testing lab or packaging facilities for this. The medical field needs the use of lots of unique equipment, and in some cases, if the medical equipment doesn’t require to be disposed of instantly after use it is often breakable.

How to Improve Medical Device Packaging?

#1: Safety

Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to effective medical packaging is safety. Mostly there are many elements that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to designing an excellent packaging solution for medical devices. Firstly the right material has to select. The material used in sterile medical device packaging has to be discovered secure and effective for creating a microbial barrier. The package design must be enough to withstand all types of climates as well as physical hazards.

#2: Detectable

Detectable means the marketing visibility of a product or the real visibility of the product through packaging. Marketing plays a lesser role, when it comes to medical product packaging, due to the product already being purchased by the hospital or medical office. The real visibility of a product can make a vast difference when it is associated to healthcare professionals easily identifying the instrument they need.

#3: Simple Use and Applicability

The major aim of medical devices is not just to protect but also to deliver correctly. When it comes to effectual medical device packaging, simple use is primarily the most underrated feature. If it is reliable, protected, and identified the task is half done. After that, is it built-in? While opening products in our everyday lives these points may not be that important. Intuitive packaging designed for a medical device is vital.

Ayush Flexi has been an industry leader in custom HS Pet, Swab Packing and Medical Product Packaging. Our team’s experience includes working with customers in the medical device industry. We pride ourselves on our repeated research & development to help deliver lifesaving products to patients worldwide.

Our team is dedicated to more than just premium packaging; we understand that patients’ lives depend on safe, sterile packaging, and at Ayush Flexi, we take that responsibility very seriously.


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